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How to Use Your Mind to Maximize Your Potential in Sport and Life

Why is it that athletes on the same team, with the same training, nutrition and strength have different levels of performance? When all else is equal, there is a specific mindset that lets the distinct few gain an advantage. You do not need to be an athlete to benefit from Personal Podium! This book shares actionable steps and stories that will tap into your greatest potential no matter your life pursuits. NOW A BEST-SELLING BOOK ON AMAZON!

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Peak Performance Services & Areas of Focus


Staying in control and on track of your plan, no matter what happens in your day, is the only way to perform your best. Contact Dr Haley Perlus today and see how she can help you achieve Peak Performance.


How mental toughness training can give you the ultimate competitive advantage so that you can perform your best when it counts the most.


How to handle the pressure at work, access your skills and talent on demand, and perform like a champion athlete in the corporate world.


Dr. Haley Perlus has taken all of the principles and strategies used by successful athletes and has applied them to help you achieve your best.

Get to Know Dr Haley Perlus

With knowledge and personal experience as an elite athlete, coach, fitness professional, entrepreneur, Ph.D. in Sport Psychology, and overall wellness enthusiast, Dr Haley Perlus provides her clients with the necessary mental toughness tools to achieve their highest level of performance.

  • PhD Sport & Exercise Psychology
  • Masters of Science in Coaching Behavior
  • Peak Performance Consultant
  • Certified Fitness Professional & Coach
  • Published Author
  • Sport & Nutrition Certification
  • Adjunct Professor
  • International Speaker

I know the unique mental toughness skills Dr. Perlus developed for me has greatly contributed to my increased success. I don’t know what i would do without her guidance. I absolutely used the mental skills Dr. Perlus developed for me to win the World Championships.

Katie HartmanUniversity World Champion

In today’s ultra competitive environment, it’s imperative to differentiate yourself and your staff from your competitors. Dr. Perlus provides employees a leg up on their peers and provides excellent customer care and service. I highly recommend Dr. Perlus and her program to you.

Michael LevyFounder, Sports Club of Canada & Balley’s Total Fitness

Every one of us who knows Dr. Perlus is a better person because we know Dr. Perlus… please remember that.

Bill GermanakosWinner of season 4 of NBC’s The Biggest Loser

There’s no one more qualified than Dr. Perlus to empower people with proven mental toughness tools to achieve peak results.

Harley Pasternak, M.Sc.The Today Show nutrition expert, celebrity trainer, and best selling author

Dr. Perlus’ mental toughness tools have become indispensable in my success toolbox. She delivers fast, easy mental toughness exercises that focus my effort and leave me feeling energized. Dr. Perlus gets my top recommendation.

Capt. David Koons (Ret.)US Marine Special Operations

I’m convinced that even a few minutes with her can change your life. Whether it’s in the classroom or the boardroom Dr. Perlus knows how to get positive results!

David FaganFormer CEO of Guerrilla Marketing and now The Icon Builder & Rainmaker

When achieving your goal is paramount, this month or for the next 4 years, mental strength and smart coaching with Dr. Perlus will significantly increase your chances. An authentic professional, a catalyst for personal change and an engaging attitude, Dr. Perlus is an inspiration.

Carolyn LawrenceInclusion, Learning & Leadership Development at Deloitte Global

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I’m here to help you go all the way!

Today, and every day, my goal is to give you proven mental toughness tools that you can immediately use to get results. Here are just a few of my videos that encourage clients to achieve peak performance.

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