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I was watching the new Tiger Woods documentary and, although Tiger has always been a mentally tough golfer, there is something he has brought to his game more now than ever. At such as young age, he has had a killer instinct that helped him to be an amazing athlete. He then had some trials and tribulations, took some time off, and then he came back just a few years ago – still with a competitive edge, but also a smile on his face. Tiger was having fun!

I’m reminded of a different athlete, also a legend in his sport of tennis, who made a comeback – Andre Agassi. Similar to Tiger Woods, Andre Agassi grew up in his sport and was a young star. It took him years to find his smile and sense of fun for tennis, but once he did, the combination of competitiveness and enjoyment helped him to be one of the best players in tennis.

These are two examples of professional athletes who were both physically and athletically great, but when they learned to have fun, not only did they stay great, they simply had a better overall experience.

How can you have more fun in your life? More fun in work, with your family and friends, and with your adventures? Even in the toughest of times, when life is truly challenging, search for fun in the smallest things. When you increase your enjoyment, not only will the experience be better, but your performance and overall wellness will be better too.

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What Tiger Woods and Andre Agassi used to help them be great (and we all have access to it)

Dr Haley Perlus
Dr. Haley Perlus, PhD

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