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Change of seasons so change of activities. This is my first real bike ride of the season and, true to myself, I chose one of the most challenging rides. And it’s okay that I did that as long as I check my ego.

I am not going to be as good as I was at the end of last season on this particular ride. I am not going to beat or even match my best score. So, I have to understand that and do what I can.

When we’re starting a new activity or we’re taking back up an activity after a while, we must change our intentions. Forget about being as good as you once were and set different intentions.

I can typically do this ride without stopping. Today, I had to stop so my intentions were, when I stopped, to only stop for up to 45 seconds.

How can you change your intentions? Maybe you focus on finishing. Maybe like me, you need some recovery and will set short recovery intentions. Perhaps focusing on technique will work for you. Anything as long as you’re not competing with your past and best self.

Now that I changed my intentions, checked my ego, and completed my bike ride, I have the confidence and motivation to do it again. In time, I will build back up and possibly beat or match my best performance. However, if I had unrealistic expectations today and demanded that I be as good as I was last season, then my ego would be involved and that could do some serious damage. I’d simply be putting unnecessary and hurtful pressure on myself. It’s difficult to be persistent when you’re not feeling good about yourself and that’s what could have happened to me.

To recap, if you’re new to something, or you are picking something back up, don’t compare yourself to your best self a year or more ago. Set certain intentions that will help you follow through!

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Dr. Haley Perlus, PhD

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