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Gain A Performance Advantage 

Why is it that athletes on the same team, with the same training, nutrition plan, and strength have different levels of performance? When all else is equal, there is a specific mindset that lets the distinct few gain a competitive advantage.
The Guidebook to Gold is a compilation of what has been scientifically proven in the field of sport psychology as well as what our top Olympic, and professional athletes continue to teach us about mental toughness and peak performance.
Sport psychology is called the “science of success” because it studies how successful people optimize their psychological and emotional states for maximum results. This inspiring, educational, and entertaining training solution takes all of the scientific principles and strategies used by successful athletes and effectively shares them so that you can achieve your gold standard of performance in sport and life.


Discover how to:

  • Compete as well as you practice
  • Get confidence and stay confidence, no matter the result
  • Focus on what matters most
  • Take full advantage of mental toughness tools such as visualization, goal-setting, self-talk, music, and so much more!


Guidebook to Gold – $199

*plus tax where charged

13 training videos, created by Dr. Perlus

Gold sheets to begin your training

FREE private session with Dr. Perlus

Lifetime membership for updates, training resources, and bonus materials

A portion of proceeds will be donated to athletic charities 

100% money back guarantee. Receive a full refund (minus small refund processing fee) within one year of purchase and before your private session with Dr. Perlus


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