Not Achieving Your Goals? Read This

I’m not sure if someone told me this analogy or if I read it somewhere. Either way, it introduces this topic perfectly.

The difference between involvement and commitment can be explained by a bacon and egg sandwich. In a bacon and egg sandwich, the chicken is involved while the pig is committed.

Let me explain how this analogy relates to business…

 If you simply get involved in your business you will most likely achieve some results. You may make decent money, move up in ranking and
be pleased with your progress. BUT…

These feelings will in no way compare to the exhilaration and satisfaction you will experience when you achieve everything you want in business with a full commitment to your goals.

Those who want to be more successful than they are now, and maintain that success, must push themselves past their comfort zone.

For you to be 100 percent committed to your goals, you must have the following three things:

1. Courage:

You know the old saying, what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? Courage is committing every ounce of effort you have towards your goals even though you still might fall short.

Courage is wanting success more than you fear failure.  Only then, can you truly be committed to achieving peak results.

Call to Action:

download this PDF exercise that will help you determine whether you want to achieve your goals more than you fear failure.

2. Willingness to Sacrifice:

You must understand that achieving certain goals often requires you to give up some things in your life. Many top performing people are prepared to make the necessary sacrifices in order to achieve their goals. Are you?

Actually, when you ask these top performers about the sacrifices they make, many admit that, because they enjoy the rewards they have earned, it doesn’t seem as though they made any sacrifices.

Also, many successful people will tell you that the sacrifices they made early on were temporary and now they have everything they want!

Call to Action:

When you goal set, be sure to answer all of the following four questions:

  1. What is the real purpose of your goals?
  2. Where exactly are you going and how will you get there?
  3. How badly do you want to achieve your goals?
  4. What sacrifices are you prepared to make in order to succeed?

3. Take Daily Action:

Being committed means taking action not only on the activities you enjoy, but also on the activities you don’t, but that are equally essential to achieving your goals.

It’s important to understand upfront that committing wholeheartedly to the entire process will sometimes seem difficult and frustrating. You may even experience temporary setbacks.

In those challenging moments, use your goals, and the reason for them to motivate you. Then let that motivation fuel you by taking specific action towards achieving your short-term goal.

Ultimately, it’s your motivation that will help you take the very next step in your plan and continue to go all the way to having everything you want!

Step-by-step, achievement-by- achievement, you will be able to stay committed to your goals and reap the ultimate reward!

So, what’s it going to be?

Are you going to be the chicken in the sandwich and probably earn some results? Or are you going to be the pig (in every wonderful sense of the analogy), commit mind, body, and spirit, and give yourself the best shot at making your dreams a reality?