The Inside Drive

“Really great people make you feel that you, too, can become great.”
– Mark Twain

What is the Inside Drive? It’s that intangible something that makes a person go far above and beyond their perceived ability to achieve greatness.

We all have the innate talent to identify and develop our inner drive, but so often we don’t.Why are some people driven to success – obsessed by it, even – while others sit back and allow their life to drive them, rather than the other way around?

That’s the question that came up one day while I was conversing with my friend, Dr. Haley Perlus. She is a doctor of Sport and Exercise psychology; a former elite athlete and trainer who is a real expert at empowering individuals to achieve peak performance. She also runs the track of speaking engagements and that’s where I met her.

As for me, I’m the former CEO of Guerrilla Marketing currently offering the Guerrilla Rainmaking program and Icon Building services. I have a background in the business and financial sectors. My focus is working with entrepreneurs and marketing them as an individual brand – aiding their efforts to become the best-known icon in their specific industries.

Between us, Haley and I have spoken at many seminars, conferences, and training events. We have found and developed our own Inside Drives, but what about others?

There are lots of talented people motivated to excel in their chosen industry. Many desire to start their own business but somewhere along the line lose the drive to become the best.

Did they become discouraged by a lack of success?

Were they impatient and gave up their goal too easily?

Did they just choose the wrong goal?

The conversation Haley and I had many months ago identified those factors driving our own success. This mutual need to share the development of passion and the ways to nurture it to a massively successful end spawned the idea for this book.

Our goal is to dissect the process from its inception all the way to the actual achievement of a worthy goal.

Since Haley works with a number of elite athletes empowering them to achieve peak performance, we thought it just made sense that she would provide examples of how they were driven to excel – what motivated them and how they stuck with their goals no matter the difficulties.

Although Dr. Perlus’ insights and self-actualization exercises are based on her work with athletes, the same principles hold true for anyone who wishes to get ahead and stay there.

Finding and nurturing your Inside Drive isn’t limited to athletes. Corporate business people, or entrepreneurs are increasingly seeking the guidance from sport psychologists to help them achieve performance excellence.

Chapter One starts the journey to finding and developing your own Inside Drive with an abridged chapter from my book co written with Jay Conrad Levinson, How to Make Your Business Rain Profits through the Law of Multiplication.

Dr. Perlus takes over from there, using her years of sports training, psychology, and behavioral instruction experience to present a concrete methodology and ongoing practices that will make you start thinking – and performing – like a finely-tuned athlete.

By the time you are finished reading this book, it is our hope that you will find your own inner strength, motivation, potential, and passion and then use it to your full advantage. Dream the impossible and then make it happen!

–David T. Fagan