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10 Health Benefits of Taking a Hot Bath

Date Published: October 20, 2021 |
Author: Dacy Knight

Iremember first hearing the idea of taking a nightly bath when Gwyneth Paltrow admitted that the practice is a non-negotiable in her self-care routine. Wowed by the dedication, I admired the idea, but rarely ever did it. Fast-forward to now and I’ve become better about carving out time to take care of myself. I do a facial massage with a Kansa wand at least once a week, I’ll make myself a flower tea to unwind from a difficult day, and I’ve recently adopted a rule to fall asleep with a book rather than my phone.

With the temperatures getting colder, I decided what better time to step up my self-care and give baths a go. I committed to doing a full week of nightly baths (indulgent, for sure) and reached out to the experts to explore the purported benefits of hot baths, from soothing sore muscles to reducing stress. Keep scrolling to learn why hot baths may be beneficial to add to your nighttime routine.