Achieve Your highest standard of performance

This training solution is focused on creating opportunities to develop and sustain mental, emotional and physical energy necessary to achieve your personal and professional best performance. 

Dr. Haley Perlus will share specific tools and techniques to help prevent overwhelming negative thoughts, prepare for the uncontrollable, and cope with the unexpected. By integrating mental toughness training, stress management, and productivity techniques, Haley gives specific actionable methods to incorporate immediately to enhance daily performance and overall wellbeing. 

Our mindset impacts our emotions. Our emotions alter our biology. Our biology influences our performance (and the cycle continues). Optimal performance requires strategic thinking and emotional resiliency to create energy that ignites your full potential. 

Learn specific tools and techniques that will help you take full advantage of the Optimum Energy Flow to enhance your health, work, and relationships. Take action to be your best self and align your energy investments with your purpose. 


Haley did an absolutely amazing job facilitating the session. Comments of ‘phenomenal’ were shared by some of our attendees and she has set a strong example and lead for our trainers. She held everyone’s full attention & engagement, creating a trusted and safe environment where participants felt comfortable to share their experiences & observations with the group.

Clare Gowar

Global Lead, Health and Wellbeing at Philips