Maximize Energy for Optimal Success

One of the biggest challenges is to generate consistent amounts of high energy to achieve your personal and professional best throughout their day. Whether at home, in the office, at the gym, or at a social event, the pressure to perform is never-ending. When the stress in your life doesn’t seem to be improving, you can make a simple perspective shift that will help you maximize your energy to take on the world.

The reality is that we can’t always change our circumstances, but we are always capable of changing how we think and feel about them. Rather than looking for all the things in your life that are going wrong and should be better, I propose focusing on solutions to all of your challenges. I guarantee that, by no longer interpreting situations as awful (or not how they should be), you’ll free up mental and emotional space for positive and high performance energy that can only improve your daily productivity. You can finally find real solutions to manage your stress. Even better, with this shift in perspective, your stress my automatically lessen – how great is that?

Here’s an example of a client (his name has been changed for confidentiality purposes) who successfully shifted his perceptions to help maximize his energy and manage stress. Brett, afraid that he may lose his job, was completely stressed out and overwhelmed with thoughts about what will happen if he does get laid off. In time, Brett’s mindset improved from being a victim of circumstances to a solutions-oriented man who focused all of his time and energy on how to produce quality work at his current job, while actively looking to get hired by other companies.

Here’s another mental shift that will help your daily productivity. Instead of wishing you had more time and energy to carry out your daily duties, I recommend taking better control of the time and energy you already have. Your responses to the questions below will help you with this.

  1. What do you believe you can/should be doing better in your day?
  2. How do you know this to be true? What proof do you have?
  3. What is one thing you can do today to be better? (Remember: when you cannot change your circumstances, how can you change the way you think and feel about your situation?)
  4. Select one action step, 100 percent within your control, that will increase your productivity. Set the intention of do what you selected today.

These questions will force you to think about ways to take advantage of the resources you currently have to perform your best. Sometimes you will figure out that you can exert more effort and focused energy to be successful throughout your day.  Other times, you’ll realize that you are, in fact, already doing your absolute best.

For example, Teressa was disappointed in herself because, with her workload, she only had two hours each day to be with her children each weekday. In this situation, there was no way to modify her work hours to be at home more. So, instead of spending the two hours at home with her kids feeling like a bad mother, she decided that, when she got home from work, she would immediately play with her kids and be 100 present with them. For Teressa, she took better control of the time and energy she had with her kids and now feels great about her success as a mother.

There are so many things in life we cannot control. When life throws you a curve ball, you have the choice to use mindset to further bring you down or to create an opportunity to develop, sustain, and harness high levels of mental and physical energy necessary to be great in business and life.