How to Go From Good to Great in Business and Life

Right now, one of the biggest challenges for people is to generate enough energy to achieve their personal and professional best.

Whether at home, in the gym, or in the office, the
pressure to perform seems to be never-ending.

Some have told me they feel like they’re drowning in their desires to be everything to everyone: a parent; a manager; a CEO; a significant other; even a great friend.

But is it wrong to want it all? Is it even possible to be great in every hat we wear?

In my practice, working with elite athletes, health enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and businesspersons, the goal is to create opportunities for growth that ultimately leads to greatness in their chosen field.

Often, this process involves changing how we think and feel about our actions. At times, when we cannot change our circumstances, we are capable of changing our mindset so that we can look at our circumstances from a different angle.

In Sport Psychology, we refer to this process as Cognitive Restructuring

There’s an old story about two shoe salesmen who were sent to a newly discovered island to sell shoes. When the first shoe salesman arrived, he saw nobody wearing shoes. He immediately left the island because he didn’t see an opportunity to sell shoes to people who didn’t wear them. When the second salesman arrived, he saw an opportunity to get everyone wearing shoes and excitedly called his company to double his shipment.

If Better is Possible, then Good isn’t Good Enough 

The key to personal greatness is making the choice to interpret your situation in a way that supports positive and focused energy.

People think they need more energy to achieve greatness in their lives. Instead of needing more energy, I propose taking better control of the energy you have.

For instance, instead of interpreting situations and events as awful (or not how they should be), make the shift and think, this is how it is and so how can I make the most of the situation and be the best I can be?

With this facilitating self-talk, you free up mental and emotional space for positive and high performance energy, leading to an increase in the quality of your productivity. You can harness the power within and focus it completely toward being the best you can be in the moment. Now that is greatness!

When I’m working with new clients, we focus on four discussion points as a quick way to evaluate their current personal and professional performances, as well as identifying key areas for improvement. Here are those four discussion points:

  1. In your personal and professional life, illustrate what it means to be great – what does optimal success mean to you?
  2. List all of your strengths and describe how they help you to achieve greatness.
  3. What do you believe you can be doing better?– How do you know this to be true? What evidence supports this?

    – In your current situation, what is one thing you can do to improve this weaker link? (Remember: when you cannot change your circumstances, how can you change the way you think about your situation?)

    – Select one call-to-action, within your control, to increase the quality of your productivity. Set the intention of achieving your call-to-action this week.

You can apply these discussion points to your personal and professional life. Take as much time as you need to work through all four points. Through this exercise, you will discover new and effective ways to not only achieve greatness and personal gain, but also a level of confidence that will allow you to strive for everything you want in your life.