How to Become an A-List Professional

To become the most sought after professional in your town, you need to differentiate yourself. As a former elite athlete, fitness professional, and Doctor of Sport and Exercise Psychology, I’ve put together seven techniques to make your mark as a professional in your industry. Not only will these techniques bring you and your clients greater enjoyment and personal best results, but they should be leveraged each and every day to help your business go viral and keep you in high demand.

1. Under-promise and Over-deliver!

Everyone likes surprises, especially surprises that further help them achieve their goals. Capitalize on your opportunity to stand out above other professionals in your industry by going the extra mile and providing your clients with bonus information and gifts.

A mental toughness tip, a healthy recipe, or sharing a brief yet powerful and inspirational story to create a motivational mood will incentivize your current clients to keep coming back. Plus, they’ll tell their friends about the extra value you deliver and attract new clients for you.

2. KISS (Keep it Simple & Specific).

Too much information can cause information overload for your clients. In turn, this overload can lead to overwhelm, reduced levels of enjoyment, confusion, and poor results.

When working with your clients, follow the KISS principle and use simple and specific instructions to sharpen their focus. As a result, their effort will increase, resulting in personal best performances, greater confidence, and ultimately more enjoyment and motivation to keep coming back for more.

3. The Rule of 7 P’s.

We’ve all heard the phrase proper previous planning prevents pitifully poor performance. Before your sessions with your clients, take the time to make sure you have all the necessary equipment set up and organized.

When your clients arrive and see that you are organized, they will perceive you as a professional who values their time. Plus, with less time setting up and more time training, your clients will learn to appreciate your leadership and not just keep coming to you for guidance and support, but bring their friends.

4. Make an Immediate Connection with Your Clients.

People will continue to work with you when they feel that they belong and have rapport with you. It’s just like the theme song to Cheers that says, “you want to go where everyone knows your name.” 

Do your best to learn not only your clients’ names but also at least one thing about them that you can recall and bring up the next time you see them. Keep a notepad and pen and make notes about your clients after our session while the information is fresh in your mind. Then, review your notes before the next session so that when you greet your clients, you can tailor your dialogue.

5. Ask the Right Questions.

You have the unique opportunity to ask each client specific questions as a way of encouraging them to exert maximum effort and achieve personal best rewards.

During your sessions, be sure to ask your client at least one of the following (or similar) questions:

(1) Are you giving every ounce of effort you have to give towards achieving your goals?

(2) When you leave here today, will you be able to say you did everything you set out to do?

(3) How can you increase your effort right now?

(4) Would the person who wants you to succeed the most be proud of your effort today?

One-on-one interaction, with specific and motivating questions, will help you to build rapport with your clients, inspire them to exert maximum effort, and demonstrate to them you really care about their goals. Plus, make sure you take a moment to recognize and applaud their efforts. That way, if they have to choose between you and another professional, they will choose you every time.

6. Remember Who is Motivating Who.

As a health and wellness professional, your role is not only to guide your clients, but also to bring out their energy and enthusiasm.

It does not matter what side of the bed you woke up on, you are the motivator! Thus, it’s important that you take the necessary time, before your sessions to get motivated yourself.

Listen to music, perform a short workout routine to get you energized, eat a nutritious and energizing meal, watch a funny clip on YouTube to put you in the mood, etc. Do what you need to do to be in your personal best state to motivate your clients the moment they show up to your session.

7. Highlight Your Strengths.

You have the opportunity to express your best qualities that will make people fall in love with your leadership style and make your sessions a regular part of their routine.

If you are entertaining, let your participants experience that part of you.

If you have great coaching ability, demonstrate that to your group by detecting and correcting form.

Whatever your strengths, highlight them and give yourself the greatest chance of maintaining your clients and attracting many more.

Each technique above will help you to be recognized as a professional, knowledgeable, motivational, and caring expert in your field. There’s no better way to attract and maintain participants and deliver great results.