Welcome! I’m Dr. Haley Perlus.

Today, and every day, my goal is to give you proven mental toughness tools that you can immediately use to get results. Translation?

I’m here to help you go all the way!

Whether your focus is sport performance, business growth, and/or wellness, staying in control and on track of your plan, no matter what happens in your day, is the only way to perform your best.

Picture this, I’m 12 years old, standing in the starting gate at the Juvenile World Championship, and my coach pulls out a $100 bill and places it under my nose. He said he bet on me to win the race and he wasn’t prepared to lose. In that moment, I had two choices: (1) lose control over my emotions and let the anxiety take over, or (2) find a way to maintain control and fight my hardest to win the race, not only for my coach, but also for myself. So, I chose the latter and won the gold!

perlus-dmp_2177That was my first experience and understanding of how essential our mindset is to performing our best.

From that day, I aspired toward a career in Sport Psychology. Within one year of earning my Ph.D. at the age of 28, I became a professor, international speaker, consultant to national team and division I scholarship athletes, author, and appointed industry leader by the International Health, Racquet, and Sportsclub Association (IHRSA. org).

With my knowledge and personal experience as an elite athlete, coach, fitness professional, entrepreneur, Ph.D. in Sport Psychology, overall wellness enthusiast and sports gal, I provide my clients with the necessary mental toughness tools to achieve their highest level of performance.

I do not believe that one size fits all.

Through my products, workshops, group and individual consulting sessions, I take scientifically proven strategies, top performers use to achieve results, and tailor them to fit your unique needs so that you can achieve your goals.

perlus-dmp_2211My commitment is to bring proven techniques, wrapped up in my passion, enthusiasm, and sincere desire to help you be the best you can be!

Walt Disney said, “If you can dream it, you can do it. Always remember that this whole thing started with a dream and mouse.”

We don’t need to have all of the answers. When you work with me, we’ll start with your dream and the first action step. Soon, all the steps will fall into place and, before you know it, you will have created your own Magic Kingdom!



  • Ph.D. Sport & Exercise Psychology, University of Northern Colorado
  • M.S. Sport Pedagogy, University of Florida
  • B.A. (hon.) Kinesiology & Psychology, University of Western Ontario


  • Coach, Canadian Ski Coaches Federation
  • Coach, Canadian Water Ski Association
  • Schwinn Indoor Cycling Certification
  • ACE Group Fitness Certification


  • Can-Fit-Pro
  • American Council of Exercise
  • Association of Applied Sport Psychology
  • Division 47 Applied Psychology Association


  • Guidebook to Gold: 
    Proven Champion Strategies to Achieve Excellence in Sport and Life
  • The Ultimate Achievement Journal:
    Daily Inspiration for Peak Fitness Performance
  • The One Minute Mindset: 
    Achieve Your Highest Standard of Performance
  • The Inside Drive:
    9 Ways Champion Athletes Achieve Success and How You Can Too in Your Business


  • Members of the US, Canada, & Australian National Teams
  • NCAA Division 1 Scholarship Athletes
  • Managing Director at Marsh Canada
  • eMbody Fitness™


  • Optimum Energy Flow: Achieve Resilience and Energy for Optimal Performance
  • Advanced Mental Toughness for Endurance Athletes
  • How to Attract New Clients Without Selling
  • A Taste of Professional Coaching


  • Beach Body® (P90X® & Insanity®)
  • SparkPeople®
  • Thrive Magazine
  • IHRSA Industry Leader
  • FITNESS Magazine

“There’s no one more qualified than Dr. Perlus to empower people with proven mental toughness tools to achieve peak results.”

– Harley Pasternak, M.Sc., “The Today Show” nutrition expert, fitness trainer to celebrities, and best selling author of 5 Factor Diet

“Everyone of us who knows Dr. Perlus is a better person because we know Dr. Perlus…Please remember that.”

– Bill Germanakos, Winner of season 4 of NBC’s The Biggest Loser

“When achieving your goal is paramount, this month or for the next 4 years, mental strength and smart coaching with Dr. Perlus will significantly increase your chances. An authentic professional, a catalyst for personal change and an engaging attitude, Dr. Perlus is an inspiration.”

– Carolyn Lawrence, President of Women of Influence Inc.

“I’m convinced that even a few minutes with her can change your life. Whether it’s in the classroom or the boardroom Dr. Perlus knows how to get positive results!

– David Fagan, Former CEO of Guerrilla Marketing and now The Icon Builder & Rainmaker

“I know the unique mental toughness skills Dr. Perlus developed for me has greatly contributed to my increased success. I don’t know what I would do without her guidance.

– Katie Hartman, University World Champion Athlete

“My goal, when I started, was to get better control of my mind when it comes to food. I’ve lost weight in the past, but it’s often crept back on over time. Besides being a mother of three teenage sons, I’m in the middle of completing my Executive MBA and running two businesses. The biggest thing Dr. Perlus taught me is that I’m actually stronger than I thought I was. I am able to hold it all together [and has for more than three years now]. The techniques she shared will serve me really well during both calm and stressful times in the future.”

– Judith Kirkness, MBA, Mom, Business Owner, & Wellness Enthusiast

Dr. Perlus’ mental toughness tools have become indispensable in my success toolbox. She delivers fast, easy mental toughness exercises that focus my effort and leave me feeling energized. Dr. Perlus gets my top recommendation.”

– Capt. David Koons (Ret.), US Marine Special Operations

“As a former champion athlete herself, Dr. Perlus knows the exact sport psych tools and strategies her athletes need to achieve their best!

– Jesse Fulton, Fmr Canadian Snowboard Olympian & Canadian Olympic SnowBoard Team Coach

“In one session, Dr. Perlus gave me great techniques to combat my anxiety surrounding injury and performance. It’s been a game changer, big thank you!”

– Annabel Blake, Australian Freestyle Team

“In today’s ultra competitive environment, it’s imperative to differentiate yourself and your staff from your competitors. Dr. Perlus provides employees a leg up on their peers and provides excellent customer care and service. I highly recommend Dr. Perlus and her program to you.”

– Michael Levy, Founder and Former CEO Sports Club of Canada & Balley’s Total Fitness, Current CEO Casaral Inc. & President of Zenith Fitness Group

“Dr. Perlus understands the ups and down of being an athlete and has always been there to help me celebrate the wins and move through the losses. With her help, not only am I a mentally tough athlete, but I also have developed skills that will take me anywhere I want to go in life. I trust Dr. Perlus, I look up to her, and I know she will always be there for me.”

– Jessica Luttrell, NCAA Division 1 Soccer Athlete

“Dr. Perlus knows her stuff. She presents key information in a manner that people can absorb and incorporate into their day-to-day living. We all benefited greatly from Dr. Perlus’ presentation and are excited to put it into practice both on and off the golf course.”

– Laird White, Head Teaching Professional at The National Golf Club of Canada

“In long distance cycling, mental conditioning is essential for optimal performance. Dr. Perlus is full of information that motivates me to fine-tune my coaching for my clients and to accelerate my own athletic performance.

– Jennifer Sage, Former Master Spinning® Trainer & Founder of Indoor Cycling Association

“As a wife, mother of three, and busy corporate executive, finding time for fitness is a challenge. Having personally known Dr. Perlus for more than a decade, I can attest to the fact that she is professional, educational, and inspires me to get the best out of my workouts in the time I have. Dr. Perlus’ energy, enthusiasm and realistic approach to integrating exercise into real life makes working out regularly an achievable goal for everyone”

– Anne Berend, Vice President of IBM Canada

Dr. Perlus’ passion and commitment to her work is reflected in her ability to relate to everyone she consults with. The responses from those who have worked with Dr. Perlus have been fantastic!”

– Aldo Radamus, Former National Team Alpine Ski Team Coach & voted Coach of the Year

“Dr. Perlus presented an extremely professional and knowledgeable presentation. With over 350 attendees, it was the largest attended presentation to date. Dr. Perlus provided top notch education to our members, as evidenced in the member feedback. We will definitely be working with Dr. Perlus on future presentations!”

– Erin Anderson, Membership Development Manager, Can-Fit-Pro

“These are goals I never thought I’d be able to reach, especially my blood pressure. I never thought I’d be able to get it down this low, but with her help I was able to do so successfully. My doctors now say that I’m clear to do whatever I want and I’m not in any danger of damaging my heart or anything like that. I owe it all to Dr. Perlus. I just want to say thank you to her. If you guys are looking for someone who can help you out with any of your problems or help you with any part of your fitness, even just your daily lifestyle, Dr. Perlus is the one to do it.”

– Brad Weiler, Wellness Enthusiast

“I find Dr. Perlus is an excellent motivator, and I would like to thank her from the bottom of my heart for her guidance, wisdom, advice, and the challenges that she stowed upon me to help me become a better me — for me, for my family, and for my business life.”

– Brenda Jamieson, Owner Stretch-N-Go

“Dr. Perlus’ strength is that she’s absolutely found her passion and what she wants to do for her life. I think Dr. Perlus was born to change people’s lives in a very subtle way. If Dr. Perlus was here right now, one of the things I love about her is I truly believe that she would say she didn’t change my life, she just provided me with the tools to help me change my life.

– Jules Hilliker, Fitness Trainer of the Year, 2012 (Can-Fit-Pro)

“Dr. Perlus is compassionate, understanding, and gives you some great advice and gets you on your way to achieving your goals.”

– Nancy Cook, fitness professional

I lost 8 pounds and gained much muscle tone – reduce hips, thighs, and lower belly by almost 2” each, 1.25” off my waist, .8” off my upper arms. And the best is that I completely quit smoking! I experienced a huge spirit uplift – gained much self-confidence and a whole lost of boldness and fortitude to ‘believe and achieve’ my dreams. Dr. Perlus helped me format a crystal clear vision of what I want to achieve and was the perfect proactive, gentle balance of mental toughness support for realizing my vision. From the bottom of my heart and the core of my everything, I say, Dr. Perlus, thank you very much!”

– Donna McBride, Wellness Enthusiast

Dr. Perlus does a great job connecting with the athletes. Since her work, there is now a better energy about my daughter. Dr. Perlus reminded her of some things she had lost sight of and she seems to be much more energized, positive, and focused on remembering her strengths.”

– Kelly Rogers, mom of elite alpine skier and rower

“I enjoyed attending your lecture this weekend. It was the first one I didn’t want to fall asleep in because your energy kept me awake and at the end of the day too!

– Ashley Tallon, Conference Attendee

“What a great session you gave us…thank you for sharing all your marvelous ideas with us. I learned a lot from you and want you to know that I do appreciate the help. I bought your book too and let me tell you… it is good! Hope to see you back next year with more of your wisdom and intelligence to share, please come.”

– Kathy Best, Wellness Enthusiast

“I had the great pleasure to attend your session. It was clearly one of my favorites of the whole conference. I will say I was really impressed with your presentation. The way you enticed us in with your story and related it all the way through, keeping us informed and entertained throughout was incredibly well done. If you didn’t have training then I’m doubly impressed because you are a natural born speaker!

– Glenn MacAdam, Conference Attendee

“A big THANK YOU for a wonderful lecture. Went out Sunday and ran my 32km run and used some of your great suggestions. It was one of the best runs I have ever had. Hoping to have the same great run/experience when I run my marathon in Oct. Thanks again”

– Erica, Wellness Enthusiast

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