7 Ways to Ensure You Achieve Your Goals

Nike inspires us each and every day to “Just Do It!” If only it were that simple. To get results you need to have the mental toughness of a professional athlete. Top athletes develop high levels of motivation, confidence, and concentration in order to compete at their best.

You too are in competition. You are in competition with the part of yourself that gives in to temptation and instant gratification instead of holding out for long-term fulfillment. Even if you don’t consider yourself “hardcore” or even an athlete, similarly to any professional athlete, you too need a mindset that will help you break down all the barriers that continue to stand in your way. A mindset that will say “no” to late night snacking. A mindset that will convince you to train when you’d prefer to stay on the couch. A mindset that will cope with the discomfort that goes along with improvement. You need a mindset that kicks some major butt!

Sport psychologists use numerous tools to help athletes of all types develop mental toughness for peak performance. Goal setting, in particular, continues to be popular among top performers. However, the goals you set are only as good as the action steps you take to achieve them. Below are seven goal-achieving tips to help you get all the results you want.

1. Be sure you’re absolutely ready to achieve your goal.

If you’re choosing to set a goal, you must have a strong reason for wanting to do so and a clear understanding of what your goal entails. Answer the following four questions truthfully and honestly. Once you can answer each question, you’re ready to take action and get results.

  1. Does your goal have a real sense of purpose? What is it?
  2. Do you know where you’re going and how you’re going to get there? As long as you have chosen your first course of action, you have a shot at success.
  3. Do you truly want this goal? Make sure the goal you’ve set is something you want and not just something others want for you.
  4. Are you prepared to make the necessary sacrifices in order to succeed?

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