5 Tips to Fight Burnout

Have you ever felt physically and mentally drained when it comes to fitness? It’s like you’ve hit a brick wall and you don’t feel like doing anything. Every push-up is a chore. Every lunge is a struggle. Even proper nutrition and other things healthy feel like an uphill battle. If you’ve ever felt stuck and helpless in your fitness program, you’re not alone.

Even the most dedicated fitness enthusiasts can experience low motivation at some point. Often it’s no big deal – for a day or two you might feel less than motivated about your fitness routine and then you’re back in the swing of it. Other times, it can persist more than a few days and affect your confidence and overall energy and determination. In severe cases, this low motivation can turn into burnout, which makes it difficult, if not impossible, to show up ready and willing to exercise.

Burnout is the psychological, emotional, and sometimes, physical withdrawal from an activity you once enjoyed. At first, you feel emotionally and physically exhausted and nothing can get you energized. Next, you develop a cynical attitude towards fitness, believing it’s pointless and won’t help you to achieve any of your goals. Eventually, you start to think negatively about yourself and your performance.

Although burnout is real, if you are experiencing it, or believe you may be on your way, you’re not doomed. Here are 5 proven steps you can start today to give yourself the best shot at regaining your energy and positive focus. Many of these steps could also be used to combat burnout in other areas of your life as well.

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